Monday, June 1, 2009

Tilly's Story

I received this e-mail this evening from Rene in Missouri.  Reprinted by permission:

 "Thank you so much for your web info regarding this formulation change to the Royal Canin Low Fat foods. I have an 11 year old cocker "Tilly" currently eating this food (fish based). Tilly has been fed via esophogostomy tube since November 2008 with this food, after lots of other food trials, drug changes and lots of ups and downs.

I just wanted to let you know I have emailed a letter to Royal Canin and plan to give them a call tomorrow to discuss any other options.

I believe we are facing a serious issue with Tilly and Louie, and I expressed how this is not just a food change, but a life or death change for us. I honestly don't think Tilly could survive a change in any of her protocols right now. We are looking at a home cooked diet, which will be very hard to feed her through a tube. 

I just wanted to let you know how we appreciate your web page, and hopefully Royal Canin will listen to our plea's on behalf of Louie and Tilly.

Thanks again Laura; our best for you and Louie (who by the way is absolutely adorable!)"

I had to leave in the part about Louie being adorable, of course. 

Writing back, I told Rene that stories like this help me to feel less selfish about what I'm doing and drive home that it isn't just about me and Louie, but about pets everywhere and the people who love them.  I think that's important.  

Thanks, Rene, for letting me post Tilly's story here.  I hope that she will be okay.  

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