Sunday, August 2, 2009

Louie's Story, Part 7: Can we relax yet?

Louie did pretty well from then on; he began to put some weight on again, and he began to regain the strength he had lost. I was pretty sure we were finally at a point at which we could relax a bit. His eyes were still a problem, and he was continuing to lose sight in both eyes but if that was the price to be paid for keeping him alive, so be it. He was happy, he could still get around, and he didn't seem to be in any pain.

We cruised along like this for several months. I'd order his prescription food a case at a time, drive up to Davis about once a month to pick it up, and we watched him come back to life again. Where before I'd been able to see blackheads all over his skin, now it was much more clear.

Then, one day I was online reading the forum that I visit about canine pancreatitis, when someone mentioned that the prescription food he was eating had been changed. The recipe was different; whereas before it had been made with fish, it was now being made with pork and chicken.

I was not sure about the pork, but I knew that our homemade diet with chicken had never agreed with him.

I had just picked up two cases of food. It was the first time I'd felt confident enough in his improving health to purchase two cases at a time. I ran to the garage and looked at the labels and was relieved to find that they were the old formula.

So, I had two cases left. 48 cans. After that, I did not know what I was going to feed him.


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  1. Is Royal Canine still available- If so whre do I buy it-