Thursday, June 4, 2009

Many Thanks

It's been a busy, busy day.   Weeks like this help me to realize how much I have to be grateful for.  Several people, many of whom have never met me or Louie in person, have offered to step up to the plate in a variety of ways to try to help us.  Right now I'd like to thank: 

  • Cynthia and Karen from the Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company for offering to send samples of food for us to try
  • Karl from for his generous offer to send a sample of fish meal for us to try in a homecooked diet.
  • Our friends Puffornot, Res Q Qt, Stolly, and Ming's Mama for helping us to locate additional cans of the food Louie needs.  
  • The rest of my friends from Chinese Crested Crush for continuing to rally behind this cause and provide useful and helpful suggestions and advice on what we might try next.  
  • The rest of my friends from the Yahoo Dog-Pancreatitis group for continuing to spread the word.
  • All of you who have sent e-mails and letters, both to Royal Canin and to me, in support of Louie.  We are not resting, and will not rest until we find a solution for all of the dogs who depend on this diet. 
  • for linking to my site!   
Louie and I really do have a lot to be thankful for today.  I'm touched, and blessed, by the kindness of strangers.  Thank you all.  

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