Sunday, June 14, 2009

And now, some good news

I have been holding back on publicizing too much information about the source for the large shipment of food we are hoping to receive only because there is some work being done to move those cans from a distribution warehouse to another location in order to first verify the contents of all the cans before the purchase is actually made. Until our contact there has verified the contents herself and I have actually purchased those cans of food, I will not feel comfortable releasing identifying information about the source.

However, I did get a voicemail from our contact there today letting me know that they are going to provide us with a discount on each can that will, overall, save us about $225.00! This is really good news, and we are very grateful for the assistance, as shipping on all this food we are receiving is costing quite a bit. This will really help to offset some of those costs.

I'm very excited and pleased that it looks like this purchase is moving forward, and I wanted to share this good news here.

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