Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's working for us-- updated 9/6/2011

Here's our current recipe:

Dry ingredients:

3 cups of Honest Kitchen Preference
4 cups white potato flakes
1 teaspoon Honest Kitchen Perfect Form
3/4 to 1 teaspoon of powdered spirulina
1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon probiotic
3 teaspoons bone meal

I mix the dry ingredients together.  Then add 1 can of the Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat (you can substitute your own choice of low-fat meat or fish, based on your dog's own tolerances.

Add 6 or seven cups of warm water, mix thoroughly.   Feed as is or add a little water at feeding to make the mixture easier to eat.

Yes, it's green!  Louie loves it, and it keeps him going.

If you'd like to try this out on your own dog, but don't want to invest in all these expensive ingredients right away, please contact me at for details on how you can purchase a trial pack of the dry ingredients from me at cost.


  1. Maybe .. Hills Diet z/d ??

  2. Thank you for all your information, your site has been extremely helpful. I appreciate it so much. It looks like my 6 year old Parson Russell Terrier "Sonny" may have this terrible disease. He has always had a touchy tummy and occasional diarrhea and even occasional vomiting with bile, but this last year in April he had pancreatitis, enlarged spleen, kidney problems and blood in his stool with mucous and required 2 nights hospitalization $1,500. We changed his diet and he was doing well, added Vasotech RX. Then in November I noticed he had some hair loss and he was itchy everywhere,even had some very small lesions in a couple of places. I tried different shampoos as he had no fleas. He began to scratch more and more and on his back paw developed a lick granuloma which he had once before on his front paw when he was a puppy. We took Sonny to a new vet for a second opinion and new blood tests which revealed loss of protein in the blood especially albumin. He had a abnormally high bacteria count on his skin after obtaining a scraping and microscopic review. The vet gave him a new antibiotic injection, that was reported to last 2 weeks and a bacteria fighting shampoo. The scratching stopped, but the vet said there has to be a underlying problem especially because the albumin counts were low. A few other tests were obtained including liver acid test and a second set of complete blood panel which revealed low albumin and protein loss again in a 2 week period. Now he will be going in for the intestinal biopsy just after Christmas. Note: In the past it seems each time I have changed foods he does better for about 3 months then I have to change again. I will be trying the Royal Canin again as he is allergic to chicken, beef, wheat and corn. As a matter of fact it seems any grain bothers his tummy. Thanks again, Sheryl

  3. I just read Louie's entire story and my heart aches for all you have both been through. Louie, you are so brave and such a trooper - and you, too, Mom! My beloved Casey (a Corgi) passed March 5, 2011 after what we thought was an acute onset of pancreatitis, but turned out to be a tumor. She was 17 and it was hard to let her go, but seizures and more were too much for her. We love them so, don't we? I'm a big fan, Louie (and Mom)! Blessings to both of you and the entire family. Thanks for all you do and for helping so many others!

  4. Thanks, Jules! I'm so sorry about your Casey; that was not very long ago and you must still be grieving terribly. I'm sure everyone has said that 17 is a good long time for a dog, but that doesn't really take the pain of loss away. (((hugs to you)))

  5. Thank you Louie's Mom -
    I am still in such pain - Casey was my best friend - such a huge part of my life and a big piece of my heart now gone! Now we are in the midst of dealing with our Mini Schnauzer's health - she had a tumor removed from her front leg yesterday (4/12/11). We are not sure what it is yet, but praying hard it is not what the docs suspected - a malignancy. The surgeon thinks it might not be, but the wait is on now as the pathologist does their thing. Our Schnauzer, Idgie, is 7 years old. And you're exactly right, Louie's Mom - it doesn't matter what the age, the pain is the same - terrible! Lots of hugs and kisses to Louie and big hugs to you Mom! ~ Jules