Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shout out to our Saint Charles visitors

There seems to be a lot of traffic to this site from visitors in Saint Charles, Missouri, home of Royal Canin headquarters. I'm guessing they are interested enough for some reason to lurk about on this blog, but apparently not interested enough to offer themselves to locate stores of food to help us, or to give us some meaningful assistance by helping us formulate a workable diet for Louie (thus avoiding all the expense incurred as a result of this food drive).

I bring this up, not because I am particularly surprised or disappointed or even concerned about this company and what they do. What bothers me is that they have taken a public position, mentioning Louie by name in e-mails, which appears to imply that they are doing something to assist us. I find this particularly disturbing because so many people who do business with this company have indicated that they believe them to be a "pet-centric" company, a company with heart, a company that cares. This is the position I was being sold by them on the phone the one and only time I had an actual conversation with someone there-- a full ten days ago. It all seemed quite sincere, and yet nothing happened. No one returned my calls when I called again and, in the wake of all that spin, Louie was left to twist in the wind. No one ever really tried to help him, as far as I can tell.

It seems disingenuous to me for someone to attempt to take credit for something that did not happen. If you folks reading at Royal Canin want to help us, you have my phone number. I will be happy to report here on anything positive that is done on Louie's behalf. My e-mail address is available through this blog and at the savelouie website. You don't need to lurk. The door is open, and always has been.

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