Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's working for us right now

I don't want to create false hope here, but I know that there are people coming here who are desperate for any information about what might help their own dogs.

I want to make sure everyone who is searching can find the information about what is working for us right now.  This is not an endorsement of a particular product or feeding regimen or treatment or anything else either medical or scientific.  It is simply a report of what seems to be helping us right now.

This is what we are feeding:

a 50/50 mix of Honest Kitchen Preference (hydrated) and tofu
combined with the fish based old-formula Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat canned.

I believe that Louie would do okay at this point if I had to feed him only the honest kitchen with the tofu added.

We also add a small amount of probiotic to this.

Again, this is not an endorsement or a recommendation, just a statement about what is helping us right now.  Maybe it will help someone else, too.

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