Saturday, September 12, 2009

Almost ten pounds!

Weighed Louie again today.  He's almost up to 10 lbs.  If we can manage to get another pound onto him he will be where he was before all of this started.

He still looks thin to me, but I can feel that there's some meat on his bones now.  There was a time when I'd touch him and all I could feel was bone.  By now he has regained most of his muscle mass and tone, and though I can still see his ribs and his tailbones, it is nowhere near as jarring a sight as it was last year when he was down to almost 7 lbs.  He looks quite healthy today.


  1. I could feel the difference in Murphy when I picked him up today. He's getting solid again! Murphy needs another half pound at most to be at his best weight. His ribs are still a little too visible, but I can't feel his spine and hip bones anymore. He is filling in nicely. I'm so glad I found your blog, which confirmed that Vet Boy is on his game and came up with the right plan. May Louie and Murphy continue to fill out and prosper!

  2. So glad to hear that Murphy is already picking up weight. Sounds like he does not have too far to go to get back to where he was, which is terrific. It also sounds like Vet Boy is a keeper! Give Murphy a big hug for me :)

  3. Vet Boy is a keeper - he admitted he'd never seen this before, called around and got advice, and came up with a plan that has (so far, knocking wood) worked just right. He is my new vet - I will ask for appointments with him from now on.