Thursday, September 24, 2009

Counting our blessings

Louie wasn't sick last night, nor was he sick today.  Instead, we went for a nice long walk through the neighborhood.  I confess that it's been quite a while since I had Louie out for a good walk; we're a bit spoiled with having a nice big, wooded yard with a fence, where the dogs generally romp and roam to their hearts' content.

Back when Louie was first getting sick, I tried to walk him a few times but he was getting weaker, and then he had skin problems that affected the pads of his feet, so we got to a point at which going for a walk was unthinkable.  Today, as I put his collar and leash on, I wondered if he'd get tired.  Instead, he walked for a good half hour, stopping to check all the neighborhood "pee-mail" and generally just enjoying life.

On our way back, as we approached the house, we ran for a little bit.  Louie doesn't see too well, so he had a few hesitant moments, but then he broke out into a full trot and we headed down the final stretch together.  It was so heartwarming to have him out there again, just being a normal dog with normal dog energy.

We are blessed, in so many ways.  We have a lovely home in a nice neighborhood where I can take the dogs out if I want and walk without fear.  We have wonderful dogs with whom we share these loving bonds.  We have steady jobs with decent pay, and jobs that we like.  It's not a bad life.  I've lived through far worse, so I have some pretty good points of comparison.

The past year or so was framed by the uncertainty about Louie's health and his condition.  Today we are relaxing, just a little bit.  Life is good.


  1. Oh, I so identify - except for the job thing, because mine reeks. But the feeling that if the dog is walking and happy, all is right with the world? Oh yeah. We had a good walk this evening, and the sight of Murphy trotting along all bright and happy makes ME so happy!

  2. It's always heart warming to see them active and happy. The difference in Louie from a year ago is astounding and I still can't believe he's come so far. Glad that Murphy is doing so well, too!