Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer coming to an end

Summertime is the best time of year for the naked dogs. I have two; Louie is not the only Chinese Crested Hairless around here. My other boy, Toui (short for Ratatouille) is also a hairless, though he and Louie are miles apart from one another when it comes to personality. Still, one thing they both love is sunshine and warm weather.

No one knows for certain what the origins of this breed are, but it's most likely that the breed evolved from an African dog, hence their preference for the hot weather. Sacramento is a much more suitable home for Louie than Pennsylvania was, and certainly is more suitable for Toui than Cleveland, which is where he was found one cold December day, running around with no fur and no coat trying to scavenge scraps from someone's trash can. Toui's a rescue.

Last summer was his first summer with us, and we were all so preoccupied with Louie's illness that it was hard to get outdoors and do anything. Well, that and the fact that our back yard was under construction while we had a new cement deck put in. Poor Louie had so many wounds on his skin back then that I couldn't leave him alone without some clothing on to keep him from scratching open the wounds that were so difficult to heal.

This year has been a big difference. We've had some nice sun, we have our backyard back with use of the pool again, and we have some happy and healthy dogs enjoying the hot weather. It's almost over, but I'll post a few pictures of our summertime fun. Enjoy!

My two boys lounging together on the new deck

Louie telling me to get off the laptop and go get his dinner!

Toui's just a little lazy on a nice, summer day :)

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