Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I hate this disease

Someone contacted me today, someone who had originally contacted me just a few days ago to ask if there was anything I could do to help her with her dog who has this disease, lymphangiectasia. I offered what little bit I could, but it wasn't enough. In today's message came the sad news that her dog lost his fight against the disease this morning.

I am heartbroken. I want this site to be a place of hope, but I also understand that, for some, there will be no answer. That is a cold reality which is sometimes hard to bear. This disease will take and take and take, and the clock ticks, the muscles deteriorate, the body robs from itself in an effort to keep itself going.  Days, then weeks, then months can pass without any answers, and there are no guarantees that any of us will find the answers we need in time to help them-- if there are even any answers to be had.

Tonight I lit a candle in honor of this poor little one who did not make it. Rest in peace, dear one.

I hate this horrible disease.

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