Sunday, February 7, 2010


The soy protein over the long term seems to be a little rough for Louie, though he's doing far better with it than he did with any of the meats or fish I tried.  However, I have been giving him nothing but the canned Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat (pre-formula change stuff) for the past few weeks and he's looking far healthier since I stopped the tofu.  So I am now on a quest for other protein sources that I can feed him.

Tonight we added peas to the Honest Kitchen mix in place of the tofu and gave him that mixed with the Royal Canin.  Peas are high in protein, and very low in fat.  I wanted to try them next, because he seems to do better with vegetable matter than with meat, in general.

So far he seems to be holding it all down well with no signs of gastrointestinal distress.  We'll see how he does tomorrow.

I also have another food on order that I'm going to try, as well.  Hopefully we can get him nutritionally strong again, and keep him that way for a while.  Wish us luck!

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