Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Canine Lymphangiectasia Support Forum!

A few months ago we started a support community in Yahoo Groups, which has steadily grown in size.  Every day, more and more visitors come to this site, seeking information about this disease.  We're finding Yahoo Groups to be too limiting for our needs, and so I am spending some time over this long weekend putting together a web-based forum for canine lymphangiectasia support.  It is my hope that this format will be easier to use and provide a better way for us to keep information available and organized.

Thank you to all who have expressed interest in this venture.  You can now visit the new forum at: . We are still very much in the early stages, with much housekeeping to do, but please drop by.


  1. THANK YOU so much for starting this blog. Our little 2 year old maltese, Aspen, was just diagnosed with this disease and is pretty critical. I look forward to learning more about this disease and best treatments through your blog.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Aspen, and I hope he will improve quickly now that he has a diagnosis.

    Take a look at the articles posted along the right hand side of this page, just below the blog archive. The first one, about diagnosis and management, is especially good and fairly recent. Sometimes with lymphie dogs we have to help our vets a little bit because they don't always see very many cases and might not be familiar with the treatment options, so it helps to get informed.

    Keep us posted about how Aspen is doing. I'll be sending good, healing thoughts your way.

  3. Thanks for the advice about peas! We never knew Aspen liked peas and he seems to love them. We'll keep reading.