Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying something new

I'm recently a bit concerned about Louie's health, as I've been stretching his food by adding fairly large amounts of the tofu since we discovered he could eat it, and it is starting to show in his skin that his nutrition is not optimal. I suppose it could be the lymphangiectasia flaring up, but he seems to feel pretty well, and other signs aren't present so I believe it is more likely being caused by the fact that he's not getting a completely balanced diet with the added tofu.

I'd wanted to consult a nutritionist to get a better handle on his food needs, but I remembered someone had suggested products from The Honest Kitchen, and I read more about them. They have a base called "Preference" to which you can add a protein source (like tofu) which mixes up to provide a balanced diet, and this base is very low in fat. I thought I could combine that base with the tofu and then combine the mix with his Royal Canin canned food to achieve a better balance in his diet.

We started this on Saturday and, so far, he's handling it pretty well. Most of his poop has looked pretty good, though we had one poop yesterday that looked like it was coated in mucus. This is often a SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) symptom and I discontinued his probiotic when I started feeding this, so it makes sense. I started the probiotic again today, and we'll see how he does.

His skin already seems a bit less dried out and his energy level and mood remain good. I'll be quite happy if this works out for him because it will be something to help our stores of old-formula food last a bit longer.

Here's a link to information about Preference, the Honest Kitchen product we've started using.

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