Friday, August 14, 2009


I get occasional e-mails from people who have stumbled across this forum through a search, and i hope that whatever I offer here has helped someone. I don't know if it does; I can see that people come and go, but it's like ships passing in the night. I can only hope and pray that someone who reads here is inspired to go the extra mile and able to find what helps their dog because they were encouraged by something they read here at this site.

When I do get e-mails, they are often from people who are in a desperate place with their beloved pets. I can only encourage these people to do what I have done, to do as many low-fat diet trials as they possibly can and, hopefully, find some protein source that works for their dog. And if you are lucky enough to identify a protein, find a nutritionist and have a balanced diet created for your dog that includes that protein in an ultra low-fat recipe.

I also do see a few folks who keep coming back, and I hope for them that they are finding something that brings value into their lives. Louie has been a big part of my life, and he's also loved by others. I just hope that others understand that what I do for him I do for those I could not save, as well.

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