Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another 112 cans on the way

Thought I'd update here on the canned food; though we ended the Save Louie food drive, I still have more food on the way. One of our friends from Chinese Crested Crush managed to find 88 cans and they are on their way here. Another friend here in Sacramento was able to get one more case from her vet, and I'm just waiting for a time when we can get together and I can pick up the food. That's another 24 cans. Thank you, Sarah and Cynthia.

So, it looks like we've got another 112 cans coming. I'm not doing the food drive anymore, but if anyone finds the Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat with FISH as the first ingredient and does not mind shipping it to me (at my expense) I will still buy it. Can't hurt to have as much as possible.

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