Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank you!

The site has only been up for a few hours, and already I have received several e-mails and other correspondence from people who have sent letters and e-mails to Royal Canin.  

With the outpouring of support, I wanted to start this blog as a way to keep everyone who cares for him updated about what is happening with Louie, as well as any progress we see in our effort to obtain or discover a food that he can eat.

I am also planning additional food trials using different kinds of fish to see if we can hit upon something that works without the company's help.  We started on this yesterday after I found a chart online showing fat content for various types of fish.  I have this list now posted on our refrigerator, and will be crossing things off the list as we try them. 

When we were homecooking regularly last year, I received a recipe from a veterinary nutritionist and used that recipe as a base to try some foods.  The recipe called for chicken, but I also tried whitefish and tilapia.  So we won't be trying those again, at least not at first.  

Today I picked up some cod from the grocery store.  We did a salmon trial yesterday, and it did not go well, so I'm giving poor Louie a little time to recover.  Today I picked up some cod from the grocery store.  He had a bad night last night but was doing much better today, so I'll probably cook up some of the cod tomorrow, mix it with a little rice, and do a blend in with the canned food.  We'll see how that goes.    

These food trials are a bit precarious for him, with his history of pancreatitis as well as lymphangiectasia, so we have to be quite cautious.  My hope is that we hit upon a winning combination soon.  In the meantime, we are grateful for the support of those who have come to this site to offer their letters encouraging Royal Canin to help us.   Louie thanks you from the bottom of his heart, and I do, too.   


  1. I sure hope that you can find a suitable alternative for poor Louie!
    What an absolute Shame that Royal canin has decided to change things in their formula's I wish they would leave well enough alone.
    Seems that maybe bottom line and dollars are more important and it's our little companions that will have to suffer for it :-(

    Noid's Mom!

  2. Thanks, and I hope something will work out for little Noid. Both of these little guys have been through way too much already.

  3. Hi Louie! you Know we will do what we can! Laci & Michael

  4. Thanks, Michael. We sure do appreciate the help!