Saturday, October 24, 2009

Research Study at Cornell needs Yorkie participants

Researchers at Cornell University are seeking Yorkies to participate in a study which seeks to better understand the genetics of protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) in the breed.  Lymphangiectasia is classed as a PLE and is known to be genetically transmitted in Yorkshire Terriers and certain other breeds.

The researchers will examine blood samples from healthy Yorkies as well as from Yorkies with a verified diagnosis of PLE.  They will send a kit for you to take to your veterinarian for collection of samples, along with a package for mailing the samples back to them.

If you have a healthy Yorkie or a Yorkie with a confirmed diagnosis of lymphangiectasia, you may be eligible to assist Cornell with their study.  Eligible dogs must have a known pedigree of at least three generations.

A flyer is available here 

This research is a collaboration between Dr. Nathan Sutter
PhD, Dr. Kenneth Simpson BVM&S, PhD, and Dr.
Melanie Craven BVM.
Please contact or 607-253-3592.

Please note that this is not an offer of free diagnostics.  The research team will examine samples for genetic information and is not able to tell you if your dog has PLE.  Please see your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has this disease.

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