Thursday, August 18, 2011

We will be at BlogPaws next week

Good morning,

I feel as though I've been spreading myself too thin with all the different pages and groups and blogs I've got started.  So I decided to go to BlogPaws to see if I can figure out how to bring all these different things under one umbrella and make it work for us.  The bulk of my posting has been to Louie's facebook page:

because that seems to be where the most people are.  So while we're not "blogging" much, per se, we've still been posting an awful lot (too much, if you ask some people!)

So why am I breaking radio silence here now?  To let you all know that we will be there, hoping to connect with other like-minded bloggers.  You see, over the next year, I hope to roll out a new site at where I can put all the blogs and pages together.  I'll want to host and feature other blogs and writers, as well.

So, if you want to connect at BlogPaws, please drop me a line at or stop by our Facebook page and give us a shout out.

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