Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holistic treatments for lymphangiectasia

I am asked on occasion if I know of any good holistic treatments for this disease.  I wish I did.  I have had Louie to holistic vets with little success.  The best treatment I know has been adhering to a low fat diet with proteins that are non irritating to his intestines.

For the majority of dogs, that means the Royal Canin Digestive or Gastrointestial Low Fat diets.  If your dog can tolerate that food, by all means, feed it.

Let me say that again:  If your dog can tolerate the Royal Canin Low Fat diet, then feed it.  Do not dink around trying to find a "healthier" option.  You can easily kill a dog that way, and that's not what I call healthy.

IF your dog does not do well on the commercial diet, that is the time to think about what else might work.  What works for us is different, but only by necessity.  If I could feed the current product being offered by Royal Canin, I would.

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